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Menton 2   
2009, France
Fruit Eden Veganic Farm, July - November   
2012, Langley
Fruit Eden Veganic Farm, April - June   
2012, Langley
Walk For Peace   
2012, Vancouver
Vegan Pizza House   
2011, Vancouver
Gentle World Veganic Farm   
2010.11, New Zealand
Helmut's Veganic Farm   
2010.10, Austria
Loving Hut Hotel   
2010.10, Austria
British Columbia   
2007 - 2011, British Columbia
A Visual Journay of Haiti Relief Work   
Feb 1 - Feb 16, 2010, Haiti via Dominican Republic
Menton, France   
2008 - 2009, Menton
Deer Lake   
2007 - 2009, Vancouver
Reflections on Architecture in downtown Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver   
2006, Ottawa & Toronto - 2009, Vancouver
Butchart Gardens in the Snow   
2008, Victoria
Views From My Window   
Oct. 2005 - Jun 2007, Ottawa
My Daily Walks In the Light   
2005 - 2008, Ottawa & Vancouver
2005 - 2007, Ottawa & Vancouver
Mountains From Above   
2006, Ottawa ~ Calgary ~ Vancouver ~ Tokyo
A Visual Journey of My Trip to Thailand   
November, 2006, Canada ~ Thailand
Paris Impression - A Moveable Feast   
August, 2002, Paris
Photo Essay: Graduate House   
April, 2001, Toronto
Introduction: the goal of the essay is to try to catch glimpses of the language of architecture. After "reading" a building, it is the time to "write" the interpretation through photography. I tried to use three photos to show the design ideology of Graduate house at U of T's St. George Campus, which was designed by Toronto architect Stephen Teeple and Thom Mayne. This photo essay was inspired by Janet Wong's article Graduate House opens its doors - Architectually bold residence offers students a unique urban environment.


The Benefits and Challenges of Heterogeneous Teams
November, 2000
Introduction: this essay was written after reading the Steven McShane’s Canadian Organization Behaviour (1998, third Edition, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson). It shows some of my reflections on the team environment in Canadian Hi-Tech companies.

Outline: this essay focuses on three issues related to heterogeneous teams comprised of members from different cultural backgrounds at Canadian Hi-Tech companies. First, it explores why heterogeneous teams are inevitable. Second, it explores three common problems that arise when forming such teams and proposes possible solutions to each problem. Finally, this paper explores the importance of email for the virtual team. (MS Word File: 26K) 

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