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Struts Resources

Struts 1.2.9 API JavaDoc
Apache Struts Framework API
latest version of struts api from
Download binary and source of Struts
FAQ and Howto Guides
Create Better Web Apps with Struts
by Kevin Jones, July 2002, from

Get Started
How to setup a basic Struts project using Eclipse IDE
by James Mitchell, from
How to setup a basic Struts project using Netbeans IDE
by James Mitchell, from
Apache Struts and VisualAge for Java
by Kyle Brown, May 2001, from
Demystifying Jakarta Struts - An Introductory Apache Struts Tutorial
by Marty Hall, from
Developing Struts with Easy Struts for Eclipse - How to use the Easy Struts plug-in
by Nancy Chen Junhua, Apr 2004, from
Struttin' with Struts 1.1 - Lessons
by Rick Reumann, html and pdf from
How Do I use Jakarta Struts with Oracle9i JDeveloper?
May 2002, from

Struts Tutorial
by Stephan Wiesner, Oct 2002, from
Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework (Part 1, 2, 3)
by Sue Spielman, November 2001, from
Learning the New Jakarta Struts 1.1
by Sue Spielman, November 2002, from
Back button for struts applications
by Manfred Wolff, from
Quick Struts Introduction For Evaluators
by Harry Rusli, 11 June 2002, from
Stepping through Jakarta Struts
by Keld H. Hansen, July 2002, from
Struts 1.1: Should I Upgrade?
by John Yu, August 2002, from
Issues In Struts Adoption
by Harry Rusli and John Yu, July 2002, from
Blueprinting a Struts application - Sample specification for the Struts Example
by Ted Husted , February 2001, from
Coding your second Jakarta Struts Application
by Keld H. Hansen, July 2002, from
Divide and Conquer Your Workflow with JSP
by Willie Wheeler, April 2002, from
Jakarta Struts A beginner's tutorial
by Isabelle HURBAIN, 1999, from
Jakarta Struts: Seven Lessons from the Trenches
by Chuck Cavaness, , October 2001, from
Mix protocols Transparently in Struts - Implement HTTP and HTTPS in a safe, flexible, and easily mai
by Steve Ditlinger, Feb 2002, from
Strut Your Stuff
by Peter Varhol, April 2002, from
Struts and Tiles aid component-based development
by Wellie Chao, June 2002, from
Struts Q&A Distilled
Struts Tips
by Ted Husted, from
Struts, an open-source MVC implementation
by Malcolm Davis, February 2001, from
Struts: a Solid Web-App Framework
by Tim Holloway, April 2002, from
Struts: A Standard Architecture for Web Applications
by Don Denoncourt, April 2002, from
The Struts Catalog
by Ted Husted, from
UI design with Tiles and Struts
by Prakash Malani, Jan 2002, from
Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture - Exploring the MVC design pattern
by Govind Seshadri, Dec 1999, from
Using JAAS for Authorization and Authentication
by Dan Moore, July 2002, from
Using Struts
by Larry Maturo, 2002, pdf white paper from
Generate Web Output in Multiple Formats and Languages with StrutsCX
by Bernhard Woehrlin, March 2003, from
Protect Web application control flow - A strategy built on Struts manages duplicate form submission
by Romain Guay, March 2003, from
Struts 1.1 Controller UML diagrams
by Jean-Michel, 2003, from
Security in Struts: User Delegation Made Possible
by Werner Ramaekers, Feb 2004, from
Developing Simple Struts Tiles Application
Introduction to struts and tiles with a working example
by Sascha Wolski, from
Programming Jakarta Struts: Using Tiles
by Chuck Cavaness, from

Online Discussion/Help
Structs Mailing List Archive
Struts FAQ
ask struts questions( free login first ), from
Struts FAQ with Threads
struts-user mail archive

Sample Code/Project
sample applications
Security Example (trimmed down version of struts-resume)
Struts and Core J2EE Patterns Together in an Account Services Application
Struts Example Application
Struts Examples

Free eBooks
Jakarta Struts Live
by Rick Hightower, 2004, from

Struts Survival Guide: Basics to Best Practices
by Srikanth Shenoy & Nithin Mallya, Feb 2004, from, SN: 0974848808
Chapter 4. All about Actions
pdf from
Struts: The Complete Reference
by James Holmes, from, April 2004, SN: 0072231319
Chapter 6: Validator
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
by Chuck Cavaness, 2002, from, SN: 0596006519
Chapter 11: The Validator Framework (2nd edition)
Chapter 14: Using Tiles (1st edition)
Struts in Action
by Ted Husted, Nov 2002, from, SN: 1930110502
Chapter 11: Developing applications with Tiles
Chapter 12: Validating user input
Struts Kick Start
by James M. Turner, Kevin Bedell, Dec 2002, from, SN: 0672324725
Chapter 17: DynaForms and the Validator

Barracuda vs. Struts - Framework Comparisons
My reasons for considering webwork2 over struts
by Matt, Apr 2004, from
Re: comments to Struts Vs. WebWork

Other Resources
Official Struts Resources
Tiles Library Docs
from dumoulin's home page

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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