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IBM WebSphere Test 488/158 Preparation Links

Web Service/Apache's Soap Toolkit

A Brief History of SOAP
from xml.com 2001
A Quick-Start Guide for Installing Apache SOAP (version 2.1)
from xmethods.com
Server-Side SOAP
from soapuser.com
The Web services (r)evolution: Part 2
from ibm.com
Web services architecture
pdf file from ibm.com
Soap faq
from soapuser.com

Database Connectivity in WAS 4.0

WebSphere 4.0 Connection Pooling
pdf file from ibm.com


VisualAge for Java, Version 4.0 Frequently Asked Questions
July, 2001
Developing EJB Access Beans in VisualAge for Java
October 2000
EJB Inheritance with VisualAge for Java -- Part 1
Febuary 2002
EJB Migration -- Part 3: Migrating EJB code from EJB 1.0 to EJB 1.1
May 2002
EJB Migration -- Part 4: Migrating EJB code from EJB 1.0 to EJB 1.1
May 2002
Deploying an EJB Application Created Using VisualAge for Java 4.0 and WebSphere Studio 4.0 to WebSphere Application Server 4.0
November 2001
WSAD Tutorial
from ibm.com

Assemble & Deploy J2EE App in WAS 4.0 and Use WAS Tools

WAS 4.0 Tutorial
By Laurel Neustadter, September 2001
Designing, developing, and deploying EJBs using WebSphere Application Server 4.0 Advanced Single Server Edition
By Shiva Nistala, December 2001
J2EE Class Loading Demystified
Tim DeBoer & Gary Karasiuk, December 2001
Using the Application Assembly Tool in WAS V4.0
by David Artus
WebSphere Application Server 4.0 Development Best Practices for Performance and Scalability
pdf file from ibm.com
WebSphere 4.0 Application Server Advanced Edition -- Presentations and Labs
pdf files from ibm.com, some good articles such as:
WebSphere Version 4.0 General Introduction, WebSphere in the Enterprise, WebSphere 4.0 Assembly and Deployment Tools, WAS 4.0 Performance, WebSphere 4.0 and J2EE Security, Lab: WAS 4.0 Security, Troubleshooting Applications in WebSphere 4.0, Web Service in WAS 4.0


Sample Test

IBM 488/158: Whizlabs Mock Test
30 free trial and 159 paid questions with explaination from whizlabs.com
IBM 488/158: IBM Sample Test
53 questions from ibm.com

References -- Specs

Servlet 2.2
JSP 1.1
EJB 1.1

References -- Docs

WAS 4.0 Documentation
zip file from infocenter, or online reading
Servlet 2.2
JSP 1.1
EJB 1.1

References -- Books

Enterprise Java Beans
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages
IBM WebSphere V4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook
ibm red book (sg246176)
WebSphere Version 4 Application Development Handbook
ibm red book (sg246134)
EJB Development with VisualAge for Java for WebSphere Application Server
ibm red book vaj 3.5(sg246144)
Programming J2EE APIs with Websphere 4.0 Advanced
ibm red book (sg246124)
WebSphere 4.0 AEs Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition

More Information

More on Soap/Web Service
WebSphere Best Practices Zone
from ibm.com
Websphere support
from ibm.com
Web service
from ibm.com
Websphere Developer Domain
from ibm.com
WebSphere Advisor
from advisor.com
Websphere World
from websphere-world.com
Javaranch Saloon - Product Cert Forum
WASCert Yahoo Group
Webspherecert Yahoo Group


In the information era, how fast can you get what you want?
In the information era, how well can you handle the increasing stress?
In the information era, how often do you consume a new technology once, then throw it away?
In the information era, how long have you been forgetting your connection with this world?

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