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Re ::Global Warming

Global Warming Resources

Get Started
Nasa Climate Report 2008 - SOS
SOS: Global Warming
mulitple video clips from
Green Your Life, to live a green and an eco-friendly life
mulitple videos from
Top10 Environmental Savings
Alternative Living: Change Your Life, Change Your Heart, Change Your Diet
Itís Health, Itís Economy, Itís Ecology, Itís Compassion, Itís Peace, Itís Noble...
WWF - Living Planet Report 2008
A New Global Warming Strategy - Vegetarianism as the Most Effective Tool Against Climate Change
by Noam Mohr, Aug 2005, A report from
Cool farming: Climate impacts of agriculture and mitigation potential
by Bellarby, Foereid, Hastings and Smith, Jan 7, 2008, from
Livestockís long shadow - Environmental issues and options (UN Report 2006)
By H. Steinfeld, P. Gerber, T. Wassenaar, V. Castel, M. Rosales, C. de Haan, 2006, from
Mitigation of Global Warming
Diet, Energy and Global Warming
by Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin, March 2006, from Earth Interactions, Vol. 10, pp. 1-17

News 2009
New Study Shows Climate Change Largely Irreversible
January 26, 2009, from
South-east heatwave hottest in 70 years
January 28, 2009, from

News 2008
The Good Life Doesn't Have to Cost Us the Planet
by Andrew Simms and Joe Smith, December 17, 2008, from
Carbon Dioxide Levels Already In Danger Zone, Revised Theory Shows
Nov. 9, 2008, from
Turn veggie to save planet, says Sir Paul
November 29, 2008, from
Arctic air temperature at record high due to sea ice loss
Oct 17, 2008, from
Google unveils $4.4 tn Clean Power by 2030 plan
Oct 2, 2008, from
Greener lifestyle also means eating less meat
Oct 25, 2008, from
Landmark New Report Says Emerging Green Economy Could Create Tens of Millions of New "Green Jobs"
Sept 24, 2008, from
Global warming: Sea level rises may accelerate due to melting ice sheet
Sept 1, 2008, from
Meat: Making Global Warming Worse
Sept 10, 2008, from
UN says eat less meat to curb global warming
Sept 7, 2008, from
Environment: Intense rainfall due to global warming could raise flood risk
August 8 2008, from
Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up
August 10 2008, from
Ocean 'dead zones' proliferating
August 14, 2008, from
Rush to Arctic as warming opens oil deposits
August 12, 2008, from
Shellfish May Invade North Atlantic As Ice Melts
August 8 2008, from
Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier cracks
July 09, 2008, from
Canadian Arctic sheds ice chunk
July 30, 2008, from
Fragmenting Arctic ice shelf a sign of warming temperatures: scientist
July 29, 2008, from
Heat wave to climb mountains from Central Coast to Los Angeles
by Molly Hennessy-Fiske, July 8, 2008, from
Meltdown: how long does the Arctic have?
Jonathan Leake, June 29, 2008, from
North Pole ice may completely melt away this summer
June 27, 2008, from
Rapid permafrost thaw expected, researchers warn
by Margaret Munro, June 11, 2008, from vancouver sun at
US Media's Left Wing 'Agenda' and the Public's Knowledge of Climate Science
by Don Beck, May 9, 2008, from
Beetle adds to Canada's CO2 emissions
by Roger Highfield, April 23, 2008, from
Global Warming Is Affecting Arctic Faster, WWF Says
by Alex Morales, April 24, 2008, from
Leaders warn on biofuels and food
April 22, 2008, from
Pine beetle turning B.C. forest into greenhouse gas gusher: Scientists
by Margaret Munro, April 23, 2008, from
Arctic ice melting fast in summer sun
by Peter Calamai, April 22, 2008, from
'Carbon bomb' triggered by logging: Greenpeace
by The Canadian Press, April 18, 2008, from
Cracks in Arctic ice shelves even worse than feared: scientist
Apr. 16, 2008, from
Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, Largest In Northern Hemisphere, Has Fractured Into Three Main Pieces
Apr. 16, 2008, from
740 miles of Scottish coast is crumbling into sea
by David Maddox, April 9, 2008, from
Global warming: Forcing Tuvaluans to migrate!
by Arpita Mukherjee, April 4, 2008, from
Rising sea levels, melting river ice seen in Arctic Canada
by Allan Dowd, April 4, 2008, from
Seattle's plans for future shaped by climate change still in infancy
by Kristen Millares Young, April 1, 2008, from
The sea is rising, but are we ready?
by Orrin H. Pilkey, April 3, 2008, from
Experts fear UN climate panel playing a 'risky' game
by Margaret Munro, April 2, 2008, from
The Technology Gap in the Climate Debate
by Andrew C. Revkin, April 2, 2008, from
Can Climate Change Make Us Sicker?
by Bryan Walsh, April 4, 2008, from
B.C. forecast: Drought, forest fires, storms
by Jonathan Fowlie, March 11, 2008, from The Vancouver Sun
Bad as it is today, the future looks worse in environmental study
by Charles Mandel, March 7, 2008, from
Chief scientist revolts over biofuel legislation
by Andrew C. Revkin, March 29, 2008, from
Cracking up: the ice shelf as big as Northern Ireland
by Steve Connor, March 26, 2008, from
Ethanol production fuels environmental problem, experts fear
by Margaret Munro, March 10, 2008, from
Government Reports Warn Planners on Sea-Rise Threat to U.S. Coasts
by Cornelia Dean, March 12, 2008, from
Rising sea eats away at Florida coastline
by Curtis Krueger and Craig Pittman, March 28, 2008, from
Rising sea levels around Lower Mainland set alarm bells ringing
by Kent Spencer, March 12, 2008, from
Sea levels rising too fast for Thames Barrier
by Steve Connor, March 28, 2008, from
Thai temple fights off encroaching tide as world sea levels rise
AFP news, Mar 30, 2008, from
Vast iceberg breaks off Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctic
by Mark Henderson, March 26, 2008, from
Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat
by Elisabeth Rosenthal, Feb 8, 2008, from
Man's effect on world's oceans revealed
by Nic Fleming, Feb 14, 2008, from
Arctic meltdown produces huge cracks in Beaufort Sea
by Margaret Munro, Jan 19, 2008, from
Big changes ahead for Britain's birds
Jan 15, 2008, from
Rich countries owe poor a huge environmental debt
by Elisabeth Rosenthal, Jan 21, 2008, from

News 2007
Fires undo forests' climate benefits, scientists find
by Margaret Munro, Nov 1, 2007, from
UN challenges states on warming
by Richard Black, Nov 17, 2007, from
Science News: Methane Bubbling From Arctic Lakes, Now And At End Of Last Ice Age
Oct. 26, 2007, from
Ice withdrawal 'shatters record'
Sept. 21, 2007, from
Climate Experts Worry as 2006 Is Hottest Year on Record in U.S.
by Marc Kaufman, Jan. 10, 2007, from
El Nino gives USA its hottest year in '06
by Patrick O'Driscoll, Jan. 10, 2007, from
Huge ice shelf breaks free in Canada's far north
by Jeffrey Jones, Jan 2, 2007, from
Major snowfall headed for Maritimes
Jan. 16, 2007, from
Migratory birds huddle as California cold snap continues
by AP, Jan. 14, 2007, from
Ominous signs of an Arctic thaw
Jan 2, 2007, from
Polar research to get boost
Jan 1, 2007, from
Record warmth (again) in 2006
by Robert Lee Hotz, Jan. 10, 2007, from
Unusually warm weather puts the East Coast in early bloom
by Robert Lee Hotz, Jan. 6, 2007, from
Global food crisis looms as climate change and population growth strip fertile land
by Ian Sample, August 31 2007, from
Most Polar Bears Gone By 2050, Studies Say
by John Roach, Sept. 10, 2007, from
Polar bear to ladybug - change in the air
by Peggy Curran, Sept. 17, 2007, from
Oceans losing ability to soak up CO2
by Charles Clover, May 17, 2007, from
Record lows in Arctic ice raise heat
by Gethin Chamberlain, Sept 17, 2007, from
Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013'
by Jonathan Amos , Dec 12, 2007, from
Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps
by David Adam, Feb 19, 2007, from

News 2006
El Nino, Global Warming, and Anomalous U.S. Winter Warmth (with Hot Comments/Discussion)
Jan. 8, 2007, from
Arctic ice melting away
Dec. 12, 2006, from
B.C. storms top weather story
by Alan Black, Dec. 29, 2006, from
Warming worry: Potent gas bubbling up faster
by MSNBC staff, Sept. 7, 2006, from
Greenhouse gases showed steady rise in 2005
May 1, 2006, from
UK exceeded carbon emissions quota
by Caroline Muspratt, May 15, 2006, from
Arctic Ice Isn't Refreezing in the Winter, Satellites Show
by Adrianne Appel, March 17, 2006, from
Atmospheric CO2 accumulating faster than ever
by Fred Pearce, March 15, 2006, from
Be worried, be very worried - a summary of this week's Time magazine cover story
March 26, 2006. from
Canada basks in warmest of winters
March 14, 2006, from
Canadian Officials Warn of Global Warming
March 13, 2006, from
Climate change 'irreversible' as Arctic sea ice fails to re-form
by Steve Connor, March 14, 2006, from
Global warming trend on course to submerge coasts, researchers say
by MARTIN MITTELSTAEDT, March 24, 2006, from
Hot Doom - World waking up to reality but it may already be too late
by Bill Kaufmann, March 19, 2006, from
London 'under water by 2100' as Antarctica crumbles into the sea
by Mark Henderson, March 24, 2006, from
Melting Antarctic raising sea levels
by Steve Connor, March 3, from
NASA Scientist Claims Warmer Ocean Waters Reducing Ice Worldwide
by Rob Gutro, March 23, 2006. from
New analysis says global warming boosts hurricanes
March 16, 2006, from
Poll: 75% of Americans Want More Federal Action on Global Warming
March 15, 2006, from
Rivers: a drying shame
March 12, 2006, from
Winter of 2005/2006 the warmest ever, coast to coast, Environment Canada says
by Mike Oliveira, March 13, 2006, from
2005 was warmest year on record: NASA
Jan 2006, from
Arctic losing its ice
by Michelle Macafee, Feb 2006, from
Climate change: On the edge
by Jim Hansen, Feb 2006, from
Current Warming Period Is Longest in 1,200 Years, Study Says
by Sara Goudarzi, Feb 2006, from
Disaster Planning: Norway builds a 'doomsday vault'
by Steve Connor, Jan 2006, from
Extreme weather in Asia: The Big Freeze
Jan 2006, from
Global warming a major health risk - scientists
Feb 2006, from
Global Warming Is No Sweat--for Plants
by John Bohannon, Feb 2006, from
Greenland Glaciers Losing Ice Much Faster, Study Says
by John Roach, Feb 2006, from
Greenland Glaciers Losing Ice Much Faster, Study Says
by John Roach, Feb 2006, from
Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting Faster, Study Says
by John Roach, August 10, 2006, from
Has the Meltdown Begun?
by MICHAEL LEMONICK, Feb 2006, from
Is it global warming, or just weird?
by Emily Shartin, March 2, 2006, from
Past gives clue to climate impact
Jan 2006, from
Torino í06 Gophers and global warming
Feb 2006, from
Tropical plants threatened as pollen suppliers dwindle
Jan 2006, from
Warm weather causes flooding in New Brunswick
Jan 2006, from
Warmer seas will wipe out plankton, source of ocean life
by Steve Connor, Jan 2006, from
What's Making Glaciers Melt Faster
by MICHAEL LEMONICK, Feb 2006, from

News 2005
Methane Burps: Ticking Time Bomb
by John Atcheson, Dec 15, 2004, from

Seven Years to Save the Planet: The Questions and Answers
by Bill McGuire, Oct 2008, SN: 0297853368
Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet
by Mark Lynas, Jan. 2008, SN: 142620213X

Climate Change and Global Warming Photos
by Gary Braasch
The Big Picture on Climate Change
News Photo: Climate Change: Pictures of a Warming World
Dec 2004, from
Documentary Film: An Inconvenient Truth
by Davis Guggenheim and starring Al Gore, 2006
Devour the Earth
20-minutes documentary film free to watch

World Day for the Abolition of Meat
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Climate Change Solutions
David Suzuki Foundation
Earth Hour
Environment News Service
EPA Global Warming Site
Global Warming International Center
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Greenpeace International
International Polar Year
NASA - Global Change Master Directory Web Site
The Climate Action Network
The Independent Environmental News
US National Science Foundation News

Other Resources
Google Directory: Climate Change
The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web
The Top 50 Eco Blogs

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